Jeeyo Aur Jeene Do (#LiveAndLetLive) – @KamalHaji | Raza Pirzada | Shama Judah | Rahila Babar @Refugees @focusakdn

“The children of Adam, created of the self-same clay, are members of one body. When one member suffers, all members suffer, likewise. O Thou, who art indifferent to the suffering of the fellow, thou art unworthy to be called a man.” – Saʿdī Shirazi (13th century, Persia)

Per UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency), in 2018, the number of people fleeing war, persecution and conflict exceeded 70 million. This is the highest level that UNHCR had seen in its almost 70 years.

What we are seeing in these figures is further confirmation of a longer-term rising trend in the number of people needing safety from war, conflict and persecution. Filippo Grandi United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Source

In 2016 while accepting the Adrienne Clarkson Prize for Global Citizenship, His Highness the Aga Khan in his speech said the following:

One aspect of this changing reality is the challenge of human migration. More people are moving, willingly and unwillingly, across national frontiers than ever before. In country after country, the migration question is a central issue of political life. Often it is THE central issue.

He also added: But the challenge is felt everywhere. Nor is the migration challenge likely to dissipate any time soon, especially as war, and violence, and economic deprivation, displace more and more people. Source

Having being inspired by these “global” calamities brought on by years of wars, conflicts and persecutions, Kamal Haji and team have recently released a video presentation which sheds a light on this crisis from the years past to present.

Jeeyo Aur Jeene Do (live and Let Live) is a tribute to the victims of the war, conflicts and persecutions around the world. This video is also a plea to “Jeeyo Aur Jeene Do (Live and Let Live)”

This is not a typical “kamal Haji” music that we are accustomed to listening which makes this project even more special. Kamal and team have used their musical talent to spread “global” awareness about something which has impacted humanity. When artists go beyond their “normal” routine and step outside their comfort zone, magic happens. Continues repetition of the chorus is smartly integrated to keep the focus of the audiences on the actual presentation, and the theme “Live and Let Live”. Great work done by all involved.

Written, Composed, Arranged and Produced By: Kamal Haji

Co-Produced By: Dilshad Moledina-Haji and Dilshad Moledina

Performed by: Kamal Haji, Raza Pirzada, Shama Judah, & Rahila Babar

Mix and Mastered by: Benji Gomez

Video Credits: Dilshad Moledina

Image / Photo Credits: Public Domain, Shutterstock, Yarmouk Camp: Courtesy UNRWA/AP, Genocide TombStones: Ed Stein. End Genocide Now: Rev. Wilfredo Benitez for Orange County for Darfur, Candlelight vigil in London for the victims of the Peshawar school siege: Kashif Haque, MSF Doctors without Borders.


Focus Humanitarian Assistance (FOCUS) was founded in 1994 by the Ismaili Community under the guidance of His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan. Currently, they operate in Central and South Asia, Europe and North America to provide emergency relief, principally in the developing world. The organization serves people in need by reducing their dependence on humanitarian aid and facilitating their transition to sustainable, self-reliant and long-term development. You can learn more about FOCUS by clicking on the link:


Post by: Irfan Ali. Irfan is a systems engineer by day and blogger by passion. Originally from Chicago, USA,  Irfan currently resides in Toronto, Canada.







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