Our Artists, Our Heroes: Aly Sunderji


JollyGul.com has launched Aly Sunderji’’s website on its hosting platform. The Jamat can now conveniently play and enjoy all Aly’s devotional geets, ginans and granths in one place.

JollyGul.com audio player displays synchronized line by line lyrics and translations for some of Aly’’s most popular titles.

Listen to the following wonderful specially recommended titles with running lyrics and translations (they appear on the top 5 positions on the audio player):

  • Aly Charano Maa(n), Chhe Apaar Sukh (By bowing down to the Imam Aly’’s feet – submission – there is boundless joy). Lyrics by Aitmadi Sultan V. Noormahomed.
  • Chhalaachhal Premna Pyaala (Full to the brim, the chalice overflows with the ambrosia of love). Lyrics by Suman.

  • Anuraage-e-vaage chhe baa(n)sur (From the bansuri – flute – flows the sweet colors of love). Lyrics by Suman.

  • Nihurumie Nisaidie (Have mercy and help me) – a devotional song in Kiswahili language sung in bhajan style. Lyrics by Anaar Kanji.

  • Salawaat (Allahuma Salli Ala Muhammadiw Wa Aal-e-Muhammad) recited with music by Aly Sunderji & Taufiq Karmali.



Aly is a man of many talents and wide ranging interests. Aly’’s musical journey started as a child. He is fully versed in Indian classical music, including bhajans (devotional songs), kirtan, haveli sangeet as well as in Sufi & Bhakti music in addition to Rajasthani and Gujarati folksongs.

For Aly, music is Ibaadat; a narrative between man and God. Music is his way of praising, yearning, imploring, and conversing with the Creator.

From the time Aly commenced his formal training in music, he developed the skills of composing music. Initially it was folk music, but in recent years it has become more classical and bhakti music. This includes the composition of some of Hassanally Rammal’’s (Suman) lyrics that he presented for the Diamond Jubilee of Mawlana Hazar Imam in 2017.

For Golden Jubilee, Aly had produced a CD of Sufi poems in honor of Hazar Imam.

Aly’s immense pioneering efforts over many years in giving exposure to Ismaili artists on his hugely successful YouTube channel deserves special mention.

In his alternate persona as “The Mithai Man”, Aly loves spending time in the kitchen making culinary delights.

Aly is also a devoted teacher and gives his seva as a ginan trainer. He has recorded about 300 ginans to date and plans to record all ginans (totaling about 1,000) during his lifetime. Inshallah.

Aly lives in Vancouver, Canada.


Start enjoying all of Aly’s wonderful recitations (including the above 5 special titles) on your computer or smartphone by clicking on the link below. You have a choice of over 350 recitations!


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