“Must Watch, Must Listen” February 2020

MustWatch “Must watch, must listen” recommendations of devotional music produced by our community members as well as what is created in the wider Muslim world are out for February 2020.

Man Kunto Maula (Orchestral Qawwali)

Man Kunto Maula is a Sufi qawwali composed by Amir Khusrau in the praise of Imam Ali. It is based on the hadith of Prophet Muhammad – Man Kunto Maula, Fa haza Ali-un Maula (Whomever I am Master to, Ali is his Master too).

Amir Khusrau (1253-1325) was a Sufi musician, poet and scholar from India. He was an iconic figure in the cultural history of the Indian subcontinent. He wrote poetry primarily in Persian. Khusrau is regarded as the “father of qawwali” (a devotional music form of the Sufis in the Indian subcontinent), and introduced the ghazal style of song into India, both of which still exist widely in India and Pakistan.

Abi Sampa (the singer) has been passionate about music, learning to play the saxophone and veena since she was only 8 years old. Abi is UK based and is a dentist by training. She regularly features on the BBC’s Asian Network.

Vocals: Abi Sampa
Dance: Vidya Patel
Producer: Rushil Ranjan
Mixing: Chris Cara
Mastering: Alex Psaroudakis
Video: Andrew Britton – Limelight Films

Home (Raef)

Raef Haggag is a successful American Muslim singer and guitarist born in Washington DC and raised in Maryland. His genre are rock, acoustic and folk music.

This is a patriotic song about how America’s diverse communities made it a great nation. Join Raef as he walks through a tapestry of history, meeting immigrants of all stripes that built America. The Italian fishermen, Native American farmers, Chinese rail-workers, Mexican Vaqueros, African Slaves, Jewish filmmakers, Irish authors, Japanese-American soldiers, Arab auto-workers, and many more are celebrated in this video – a song about the uniqueness of the American story.

Vocals: Raef Haggag
Album : The Path
Director : Lena Khan
Label: Andante Records

Jashnee Almass (Celebrating Diamond Jubilee – Afghanistan)

Jashnee Almass (Celebrating Diamond Jubilee) is a great song from Afghan Ismaili Jamat to mark Mawlana Hazar Imam’s Diamond Jubilee.

Artists: Nik Bakht Safary, Nafisa Waizy, Najibullah Shirzad, Nizar Husain Feroze, Abdul Karim Fazly
Lyrics: Ruknudin Erfani

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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