Walid Ehssan: Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum

You are the Beauty and so are all your attributes
You are the Spark to my soul and all goodness’s roots

Ya Rahman Ya Rahim, Ya Karim Ya Hakim

My heart can’t keep it all in
Although I try to make those attributes shine from within

I keep polishing this heart
So what can’t fit, can be reflected and seen. ~Fami Faani


On a cool crisp winter morning, Walid Ehssan decided to create his latest art piece outdoors at Fish Creek provincial park located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

This was a new and unique experience for him as he mainly creates his work indoors.

I really speak less about my pieces that I create, but there is always deep thinking behind every piece I do. For my latest, I would say, He (Hazar Imam) is the holder of that Noor who is the creator of this nature. Walid Ehssan- HearTist


Video: Ahmad Roheen

Music: Sami Yusuf

Location: Fish Creek provincial park, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Walid Ehssan (Wali) is a proud Canadian-Afghan who currently resides in Calgary, AB, Canada. His passion to draw/sketch goes back in time when he lived in Afghanistan. After moving to Canada in December of 2010, Wali acquired his college degree in Business Administration, with a concentration in Accounting. Soon after, he saw more opportunities to refresh and sharpen his talent in Art.





Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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