“Must Watch, Must Listen” Nov-Dec 2019

MustWatch “Must watch, must listen” recommendations of devotional music produced by our community members as well as what is created in the wider Muslim world are out for Nov-Dec 2019.

Together We Win (A Powerful Message of Unity & Sportsmanship)
A powerful message of Unity, Community, Sportsmanship, and Volunteerism, presented beautifully in the new song, “Together We Win.” Created by a diverse group of Ismaili artists, the song celebrates the wonderful achievements of the Ismaili Community, including the upcoming prestigious “Olympic-style” Ismaili Games worldwide.

To celebrate the milestone events of upcoming Ismaili Games around the globe, Kamal Haji and his Team offer a tribute to all the participants and Ismaili athletes worldwide. May merit prevail, and may the best individuals and teams win!

“United We Stand; Divided We Fall; Together We Win; We Will Take It All!”.


Written, Composed, Arranged and Produced by: Kamal Haji
Co-Produced by: Dilshad Moledina-Haji and Dilshad Moledina
Performed by: Rahila Babar, Shahana Jaffer, Kamal Haji, Sarah Haji
Vocals Recorded by: Benji Gomez
Mix and Mastered by: Dallas Audio Recording Team

Light Upon Light (A.R. Rahman Ft. Sami Yusuf)

‘Light upon Light’ is the first collaboration between A.R. Rahman and Sami Yusuf. The video was recently released by Believe A. on behalf of Andante Records.

A.R Rahman is a Grammy, Academy and Golden Globes Awards winning musician. Sami Yusuf is an Iranian born British singer, songwriter and composer. He has sold over 34 million albums.

Vocals: A.R. Rahman, Sami Yusuf
Video : Believe A.
Label: Andante Records

Salam Alayka (live in Skopje)

Performed, produced and composed by Mevlan Kurtishi and performed live at Philharmony Hall in Skopje, North Macedonia in September 2019.

Mevlan Kurtishi was born on 7 December 1995 in Skopje, Macedonia and is Albanian. He grew up with Islamic teachings in his hometown. As a child he was passionate about art and creative writing, singing and writing lyrics. As a child, curiosity and love for music drove him to learn to play musical instruments.

Vocals: Mevlan Kurtishi
Lyrics: Bakr Saeed
Sound: Sweven Records
Video: Glaktika Pictures has a lineup of planned video releases in December for the Jamat for Salgirah 2019, so the next issue of “Must Watch Must Listen” will be in January 2020.


Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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