Our Artists, Our Heroes: Taufiq Karmali


JollyGul.com has just launched Taufiq Karmali’s website on its hosting platform. The Jamat can now conveniently play and enjoy all his wonderful devotional titles in one place.

JollyGul.com audio player displays synchronized lyrics and translations for some of the recitals. Over a period of time, the goal is to implement this for most of Taufiq’s work.

The website has the following sections: Profile, Audios, Videos, Gallery (Pics), Updates and a Contact Form.

Please start enjoying Taufiq’s devotional melodies on your computer or smartphone by clicking on the link below.


Taufiq Karmali lives in Seattle USA and is one of the most adored and respected artists inTaufiq-Karmali2 the community with over 300 recorded recitals of ginans, geets, granths, qasidas and kalaams – many accompanied by music.

Taufiq is personally very involved with the actual composition and arrangement of the music in his recitals.

Taufiq is a self-taught musician and got his early inspiration listening to his father Late Hassan Karmali recite ginans.

Singing Sufi devotional renditions has been Taufiq’s passion since the age of seven. This is a journey that Taufiq undertook in a desire to express love for the Imam through passionate poetry set to beautiful music. For Taufiq, devotional music is a form of meditation.

Taufiq has recorded and performed with many community artists as well as Sufi singer Abida Parveen.

Taufiq continues to sing and record – stay tuned for many more titles and passionately delivered lines of devotional poetry from him.



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