Improving Stability and Better Natural Resources Management in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan

AKIPRESS.COM – The seasonal shortage of irrigation water in the Aiyl Aymak of Birlik, Kadamjay district of Batken oblast, was solved with the help of the Aga Khan Foundation’s project “Improving Stability and Better Natural Resources Management in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan” and implemented with the support of the British Government (UK Aid), Aga Khan Foundation said.


The water supply of 600 hectares of land for more than 1,000 households has been improved through the construction of a feeder canal, where a 240-meter drainage system, a 60-meter pipe crossing, 60 protection dam, and 110-meter concrete canal from the Uuru-Sai river were constructed, the Aga Khan Foundation said. The Water Users Association and the Ayil Okmotu also cleared about 5 kilometers of the ground canal.

Improving irrigation in the agricultural lands of the villages of Syrt, Vartan, Kakyr, Molo, Chechme, and Beliyl Aymak Birlik will help to resolve issues such as migration, conflicts due to insufficient irrigation water and increased income from agriculture. The local population is 7,229 people or 1,125 households.

“Irrigation water was not enough for 400 out of 800 hectares of land during the season, when the water level of the Gorotu Canal decreased and did not reach the land on the end of the canal. In recent years, these lands became conditionally irrigated, where they began to use them for perennial grasses or were not used at all. That is why the locals asked to build a supply canal from the Uuru-Sai river,” said local authorities.

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