Imamat Day Special – “Yaa Ali Khub Majalaas” by Taufiq Karmali has released a new video “Yaa Ali Khub Majaalas” recited by Taufiq Karmali to mark Imamat Day 2019.

“Yaa Ali Khub Majaalas” munajat (prayer, supplication) started getting recited on the succession of Imam Sultan Mohamed Shah as our 48th Imam in 1885.

The 134 year tradition has continued to date and the munajat is now recited on Imamat Day every year in Jamatkhanas to mark the anniversary of Mawlana Shah Karim al Hussaini’s ascension to the position of our Imam.

“Yaa Ali Khub Majaalas” is a prayer, expression of gratitude, seeking of divine help as well as a message of greetings (mubarakis) and expression of love for our Imam-e-Zaman. For this reason, it evokes very deep feelings amongst the murids when recited as it touches on both the spiritual as well as our temporal world.

Taufiq Karmali’s absolutely brilliant rendition of “Yaa Ali Khub Majaalas” takes us all right into the middle of a celebratory occasion (assembly, majaalas), yet keeps us firmly anchored throughout the recitation to its deep and beautiful spiritual roots.

Yaa Ali Khub Majaalas
O Ali, this glorious assembly

Munajat With Music
Lyrics & Running Translations

Reciter: Taufiq Karmali
Lyrics: Various Sayyeds

Music Arrangement: Taufiq Karmali
Music Performance: Taufiq & Group

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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  1. Very well recited by Toufiq Karmali. This beatiful Munajat will be recited on 11th July in the hundreds of Jamatkhanas through out the world. Happy Imamatday Mubabrak to Ismailis of the world.


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