Mere Dil Main Hai Yaad e Muhammad (PBUH) | Ramadan Special Naat | Natasha Baig



“On this holy month of Ramdan let’s all turn to Allah and make the most of it. Specially this year I have actually felt the meaning of Ramdan, the real essence, so I decided to recite this beautiful Naat in order to show my gratitude to our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) whom I have admired all my life and will do it till eternity. I hope you guys will like it and remember me in your prayers. ”

– – Natasha Baig

About Natasha

Hailing from the scenic valley of Hunza, Baig was an athlete, playing under-19 cricket as an off-spin bowler in district matches. Unable to pursue her passion for sports, Baig turned her attention to music. “I started singing when I was about to leave cricket. I played my final under-19 representing Karachi in 2010 and I used to entertain my teammates by singing songs and used to make them sing along. Even in my childhood when my singing ability was undiscovered, people used to compliment my voice but I never paid attention, until I left sports and was left with nothing but music,” shares Baig.

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