Naked Eye Astronomy: How to Read the Night Sky (Free download for limited time)

Naked Eye Astronomy - free download reminder - 2

This is Zahir’s 14th non-profit book, available at, in eBook and print formats.

This book provides a solid foundation for naked-eye astronomy. It starts with exploring the total context behind our night sky: from the universe, to its galaxies, to star systems, all the way down to our own star system – the solar system – and its various motions that affect our view of the sky. The rest of the book then focuses on our night sky. The various coordinate systems in use are described, as well as star naming conventions. It shows step-by-step the building up of the Celestial Sphere representing our sky. It covers in detail two common approaches: (1) Coordinates, and (2) Graphical. It takes you through Tours and Walkabouts in the sky. It shows you how to use everyday photography to overcome ‘light pollution’. It’s chock-full of diagrams supplementing the text, nearly 90 figures in all. A catalog of over 300 stars is provided in various ways to make it easy to interpret the sky. No instruments are required (only your fist-n-thumb), and for the few simple gadgets that one might want to try out, their easy construction (i.e. home-made) is fully explained in detail, with diagrams.

The eBook (link to book on Amazon) version will be available FREE at (or .ca / / etc) between Friday, May 17, 2019 and Tuesday, May 21, 2019, inclusive.

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  1. I tried downloading but Amazon sends me directly to paperback for $9+ and not the free downloading even though I am within the dates mentioned for Free Downloading….


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