Lost and Found: Seeking the Light of the Imam. Poem by Sujjawal Ahmad

“Lost and Found: Seeking the Light of the Imam”

By Sujjawal Ahmad

I wandered lonely with heart so intoxicated

Through a deserted land so much isolated;

As I searched around for some life or person,

Fear surrounded me making me worsen;

No voice no sound could reach to ears,

And sand rippled to form small smears;

Far away where I could not see even a single shadow

In the land where grew no grass, no plant no meadow;

Crazy winds that crashed over me elapsed,

All the way seemed laughing at my lapse;

To the winds that rippled without any choice,

My soul spoke with a soundless voice:

What I carried and what I left behind?

O mindless one, they replied:

You carried your body and left your intellect behind.


My very being surrounded with clouds of uncertainty,

My soul then looked up to blue skies in agony;

O Blessed Elias come soon, I search for you and I seek for you!

I have steadfast all my heart and hope in you;

You are the path, the light of my saddened heart

You are a thought that lives to join broken hearts;

You calm souls in the world redeemed;

Let now this wayfarer, at the last, know his relief.


When fear now tries to make me pallor,
I have strength to confront with valor;
You give me strength to speak to the world,
A message of peace, light, and love!


A door then opened!

And God’s mercy shown upon a worthless soul;

What I want in life for more than that,

A company of his holy presence,

And a vision of his blessed countenance,

For the Light of Imam of Age has now touched my soul…!

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

2 thoughts

  1. You are an amazing soul Sujjawal. Your longing and awakening is very evident in your poem. I feel a pathos and a never ending void in you, wanting to be filled my someone’s unconditional presence. You have or Hanover found. I see your deep loneliness and I feel your inner void. And I listen to grief you are trying tell to see you as you are. I want to say to that aspect of you that I see it and hear it loud.
    You are amazing poet , keep this alive in you wherever you go!


    1. Thank you thats very kind of you. The poem reflects my spiritual journey, a journey that started wandering through the clouds of darkness and ended with spiritual awakening. And I am glad to know you see what the poem calls its readers to see.


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