The flowery journey of tulips from the Ottoman Empire to Europe

Tulips were originally wild flowers from Central Asia, from the Hindu Mountains in Kazakhstan, but were first cultivated by the Turks, as early as 1000 AD.

We see tulips for the first time in the artworks of the Seldjuks. In the 12thcentury, tulips were included in motifs, especially in the city of Konya, which was the capital of the Anatolian Seldjuks. It seems certain that tulips and tulip culture came with the Turks to Anatolia.



The tulip also has a special place in Sufi culture. Rumi, the great Anatolian Sufi, mentioned the tulip in his poem entitled ‘So Recklessly Exposed’;

December and January, gone.
Tulips coming up. It’s time to watch how trees stagger in the wind and roses never rest

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