Sufferer Poem by Jibran Sharif

My poetry is the voice of all those who are suffering and desperate for help. Mental illnesses are diseases just like any other physical diseases. People don’t have awareness regarding mental health and the victims suffer. I am here to break the stigma and help those in need. Kindly break the chain and raise the voice.


A thunder that couldn’t shout, a cloud that couldn’t rain

The END is not for sufferers, but people without the pain

Suicide is not a crime, it is but an option

For those whose love is crushed and sold in an auction

He tries and tries again, but how much can he bear

His love is sure strong, but stronger is his fear

Let’s give a chance, let’s give one more, another chance is given

With every chance he is saved but his anger driven

Don’t try to feel because you cannot,  it’s harsh to endure

Don’t doubt my love and honesty, my heart’s white and pure

It’s not me who kills myself, it’s the thing which is inside

Please ask me, I will tell you, the thing I try to hide

When cancer kills, it’s cancer who kills, it’s not the person’s fault

So please don’t say “he killed himself”, it’s wrong what people thought

Approach me, assess me,  assist me to cure

When I’ll say “help me” for God’s sake say “sure”

Or it’ll be one more light gone from the sky

One more sight of tragedy, eyes closed, good bye.


Jibran Sharif is from Lone Chitral, Pakistan. He writes with his pen name “Jabir”. He is a writer and poet studying sociology at the University of Peshawar.

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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