#mdvgotalent: Meadowvale Jamat Khana’s 5 Year Anniversary Celebration

Reported by Irfan Ali (Irfan_101@hotmail.com)

February 17, 2019, Toronto, Canada: Occasion of Diamond Jubilee of His Highness the Aga Khan brought about a wave of creativity within the community worldwide. Many Ismaili Muslims from all parts of the world expressed their gratitude to Hazar Imam by showcasing their talents via Arts! Special Jubilee Arts festivals were organised in various countries specifically for global jamat to showcase their vast artistic skills and cultural traditions. Lucky few were also chosen from various countries to showcase their Artistic talent on international stage in Lisbon, Portugal for grand finale celebrations that took place in July of 2018.

While Diamond Jubilee celebrations concluded back in 2018, creative spark that Jubilee Arts festival ignited has not fizzled. Proof of this was very evident at the recently held Meadowvale Jamat Khana’s 5 year celebration event. To celebrate this momentous milestone, Meadowvale Jamati leadership team planned an evening of celebration that included “Meadowvale Got Talent!” This initiative was planned specifically to showcase Meadowvale Jamati member’s Artistic talents. Jamati members young and old participated in this amazing event that included: Singing, Group Dance performances, Skits, and more.

Photo Courtesy: Riyaz Lalani/ Najeeb Sumrani





Night came to a glorious finish with Jamati members partaking in scrumptious meal followed by Raas!


Looking at the way how the evening progressed so beautifully, it became very evident, that, to put up an event of this caliber, you need dedicated people who go above and beyond call of duty to get the job done. This event wouldn’t have been possible without Ismaili Volunteer Corp (IVC) badged and non-badged volunteers of Meadowvale Jamat who not only executed all the assigned tasks flawlessly the day of the event, but also prior to the event with all the necessary setup arrangements. Without a shadow of doubt, Ismaili volunteers were, are, and always will be the backbone of Ismaili community. “WORK NO WORDS”

Volunteer group

Meadowvale, Ontario is a large suburban district located in the northwestern part of Mississauga, Ontario, just west of Toronto, Canada.


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Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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