Amin Bhatia and Ari Posner: A Magical Island with a Devil Lobster

Composers Amin Bhatia and Ari Posner have been nominated for a 2019 Canadian Screen Award  for Best Original Music, Fiction for the Northwood Production (CBC) ANNE WITH AN E.  

Now in its second season, music composers Amin Bhatia and Ari Posner are thoroughly enjoying the challenges and opportunities that come from working under the direction of creator Moira Walley-Beckett (Breaking Bad, Flesh and Bone) and producer Miranda de Pencier (Grizzlies).

This particular episode “I Protest Against Any Absolute Conclusion” was a mammoth undertaking involving the multiple talents of the cast, crew, and writers as the town of Green Gables puts on a Christmas Pantomime.

Amin and Ari worked with screenwriter Naledi Jackson and director Ken Girotti over several months on this music-heavy episode.  In addition to the story underscore and some Christmas carol arrangements, Amin and Ari were also tasked with writing music for a series of original songs for the ensemble pantomime of 20 to 30 cast members.  The execution of these overlapping musical elements meant coordination and cooperation at many levels, ultimately directing the voices and performances on set, synchronizing to music tracks recorded weeks earlier with their “Anne Band” that include Drew Jureka, Joel Schwartz, Sara Traficante, Kirk Starkey, and Bev Spotton.  Post production was completed by the usual heroes at Technicolor and Sound Dogs including music editor Joe Mancuso.

It was hard work but also a lot of fun being immersed in many genres of writing. Where else but in an 1890’s Prince Edward Island pantomime could composers have the chance to write an ode to a magical island and a tango for a devil lobster?

Presented by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television, the Canadian Screen Awards winners of all the categories will be announced during Canadian Music Week March 25 -31, culminating with the Canadian Screen Awards Broadcast Gala live on CBC on Sunday, March 31, 2019 at 8:00 PM (9:00 PM AT/ 9:30 PM NT). and 

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