Sayed Radfar: Baby Genius from Afghanistan

medalMeet Sayed Radfar, a Two year old wonder boy from Afghanistan. A kindergartner attending French Medical Institute for Mothers and Children (FMIC), Syed Radfar won a Gold medal and 1st prize in 14 kg weight category at the recently held 16th Afghanistan International Taekwondo Federation championship in Kabul city.

At a tender age of only 18 months, Sayed Radfar was already able to fluently read and identify complete Persian and English alphabets. Reading numbers up to 20, and identifying different colors is not an issue for this baby genius. He is able to sing nursery rhymes in multiple languages with ease.

billboardSayed Akaber (Sayed’s father) gives credit for his son’s success to FMIC, a four-way partnership between the Government of Afghanistan, the Government of France, the Aga Khan Development Network and the French NGO, La Chaîne de l’Espoir, with Aga Khan University managing FMIC on behalf of AKDN.


ecdSayed Akaber also wishes to acknowledge Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme run by the Aga Khan National council in Nizaria Jamat Khana for his son’s success. He is humbled and blessed to be part of a community and institution that focuses on Quality of Life and education. His wish is to see everyone in his community and beyond take advantage of this wonderful program offered by the council.

Sayed Radfar at the 16th Afghanistan International Taekwondo Federation Championship January 18, 2019

Sayed Radfar counting numbers

Sayed Radfar singing nursery rhymes


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