Sonaina Hamiya: Working on Preservation of Burushaski Language

sonaina-hamiyaMy name is Sonaina and I’m from Aliabad, Hunza. I’ve recently graduated from National College of Arts (NCA), Lahore.

Being a Hunza girl, it came to my realization that Burushaski language is being forgotten and young Burusho, especially those who live in the cities, have adopted other languages as the primary means of communication. These days, the influence of other languages on Burushaski is just tremendous.

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Sonaina Hamiya designed Burushaski language alphabets in her Thesis in COMMUNICATION DESIGN From NATIONAL COLLEGE OF ARTS LAHORE.

sonia-arts-8-1There are more than 7,000 languages in the world and Brushaski language is one of them. But Burushaski language is endangered language, because it is only a dialect and no attention is given to its progress in recent years by anyone in Hunza. The youth and the children need to know the importance of this language and their parents need to encourage their children in speaking this wonderful language.
her thesis work is focused on firstly preservation of Burushaski language and then its progress in the contemporary age. The font that she design will give a proper shape to Burushaski language.

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