Sakina Minhaj Shikari: Alif Allah


“An artist should never be a prisoner of himself, prisoner of style, prisoner of reputation, prisoner of success.”  Henri Matisse.

Sakina Minhaj Shikari is one such self trained artist who refuses to be imprisoned by style or genre. Following her creative impulses, she experiments boldly in varied mediums, paint brushes, charcoal, ink art, knife on palette, oil on canvas, bare hands, mixed media, camera and words. Gifted with a sharp eye for nature and an insight for spotting the mystic amidst the mundane, Sakina conjures extraordinary artworks and captures astonishing photographs from inimitable perspectives.

Sakina is in her element when expressing herself in sync with Sufi thought, both on her canvas and her verses, her artworks and poetry reflects the Sama, the right conducive atmosphere of trance of a dervish who is in oneness with the Supreme Being.

mystical matters

Sakina shares an unobtrusive relationship with nature and her artworks and photography showcases nature in breathtaking glory. Many of her artworks and photographs have been widely published and exhibited all over the globe.

Representing Gulf region, Sakina participated in Diamond Jubilee Arts festival that took place July of 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal. Hailing from Karachi and presently settled in Kuwait, her other noteworthy exhibitions include a number of exhibitions in New Delhi at National Museum India, 2017, All India Fine Arts Society- 2016, Civil Services Society Institute 2016, Press Club 2015.

flying to the light


As a keen photographer, she was the only Asian selected for a mentorship programs on CBBA Camera Basics 2013 and How Do I See It? 2015, she was the only Asian selected for the course.  She loves capturing landscapes, street photography and abstract frames from the routine common place.

Quite a few of her remarkable works embellish the covers of numerous published International anthologies such as the renowned Urdu journal, Kitabi Silsila Tasteer- 2 August 2017, wherein she was also the featured artist, Resonance, Colours of Refuge and Mytho Manthan. Her most recent published artwork adorns the cover of Adrift, a compilation of a seasoned Indian poet. She has been the visual and art editor of Poets Artists Unplugged, a well established international group of poets, artists and photographers. Her Urdu and English poems have been published in a number of magazines and anthologies.

Sakina’s finesse in Urdu and English languages, her vivid sense of imagery, depth of thought and spiritual exploration are evident in her poems which are widely published and appreciated.

In collaboration with Dr Jatinder Singh Bhogal, a self trained artist hailing from Delhi, two artists divided by man made border are attempting to blend Bhakti, Hindu mythology and Sufi philosophy and showcase their art as Aik Naghma, Aik Noor, (One Song, One Light. This is their humble attempt to promote Oneness and harmony between the two nations that have a long history of shared heritage, art, faith, music, spirituality, mysticism and mythologies.

More of Sakina’s works and photography can be viewed at – Ink art banyan painting


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Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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