Roxana Jaffer: Are You A Sustainability Leader?

Speaker: Roxana Jaffer @ 10th Annual Sustainable Development Congress. UAE Dec 2018

Humanity must protect the Whale who is in danger of ‘plastication’.

rocsae-1Today, she stressed, the need for returning favours was high. As a priority, for the stability of organisms and environment we must strike an Ecological balance so a conducive environment, free from biological imbalances is created to avoid floods, fires, drought, windstorms, etc.

She believes this calls for collective efforts from us ALL in conducting ideal human activities. It cannot be the task of only Socially Responsible Corporates, NGO’s, Governments or the UN.

Her plea was loud and clear. Our natural environment is in need of protection whether by being conscious of scarcity of water or reduction of the carbon footprint, of the global hungry, of ozone depletion, ocean acidification… the list went on and on …… 

The dramatic pictures of forest fires, ocean acidification, plastic pollution of dried river beds in Tanzania with young children fetching contaminated water whilst losing schooling time, juxtaposed with the increase of water consumption to the……

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