ANA ‘L- HAQQ- I am the Truth by Afraaz Mulji


I am the child of the Eternal moment, dancing through eternity, My love for all things beautiful, guides my way, I create, I think, I meditate, I am Pensive, Pensive, I am pensive as I reflect the primordial Light of Oneness which surrounds me with Love and Eternal Guidance.

Who art thou, thou art my name. I have many names, Infinity, nothingness, Love, Beauty. I am everything and I am nothing. The bird of paradise flies overhead and I think, I am the bird, flying through the sky In an exalted plentiful of knowledge, kindness and wisdom.

Fly with me as we explore the outermost regions of reality, transcending time, space and everything we know. We know it all, it all knows us. Being in the moment, we realize our plight is in fact a divine play, a mere passage of moments in the eternal moment.

Around and around we seek, only to be found and then lost again. What a game we play, and in the moment we lose, it’s a devastating checkmate. Only to realize, we have only just begun.

Light upon Light, Mistake upon Mistake, Fate and the Eternal Mate. We are One and we are Beautiful. Never forget me, and even if you do, I will always be there for you! With all my Love, Infinite Possibilities…

Afraz Mulji

Afraaz Mulji – aka Maestro Mi – is a nineteen-year-old multi-instrumentalist and composer born in Tanzania.


Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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