The Night of Power by Sarah Laiwala


Today, toddlers read books about caterpillars, monkeys, giraffes and more as part of their bedtime routine. As children learn through repetition, our goal is to teach faith-based stories to our toddlers during their early childhood development process. The Night of Power is an Islamic children’s book that utilizes rhythmic poetry and cubist style artwork to portray the story of Laylat al-Qadr, or Prophet Muhammad’s first revelation of the Quran. The geometric shapes in our artwork are reflective of the geometric ornamentation that is seen in several Islamic artwork, and also allows us to abstract the physical features of Prophet Muhammad. The historical accuracy of this book has been verified by a doctoral (PhD) candidate specializing in Islamic intellectual history, theology, philosophy, and mysticism at Harvard University. This book does not promote or endorse idol worshiping, nor does it intend to disrespect any beliefs.


This book is available on Amazon for purchase. Profit will be shared with Aga Khan Foundation. Click here to purchase the book.

About the Author:

SarahSarah Laiwala is a mother of two kids, both under three years of age. One night, when she was reading “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” to her son, she saw that her son had this entire book memorized. She wondered why she was not reading Islamic stories to her son, and began her search for Islamic books for toddlers on Amazon and through ITREB. Shocked by the dearth of books available for this young age group, Sarah decided to put her poetry skills to work and write her own children’s book for her son. Sarah met Aqeela, the illustrator for “The Night of Power”, in April 2017 when they both worked together to launch the Ismaili USA app. In addition to being the author of “The Night of Power”, Sarah is currently the Sr. Director for post-booking customer experiences at Expedia. She was also the Aga Khan Education Board Chairman for the Western Region, and has served Aga Khan Education Services in Tajikistan by starting a Maker’s Space at Aga Khan Lycee school in Khorog in June 2018.

About the Illustrator:

AqeelaAqeela Panjwani has always been passionate about telling stories through her unique works of art. This began with a career in fashion, where she gained over 5 years of experience as a womenswear designer; however, clothing and accessories were not enough. With her design skills and inspired vision, she transitioned into a Lead User Experience Designer & Strategist role, where she now works on crafting thoughtful experiences for digital product in areas such as finance, retail, healthcare, and lifestyle. This passion carries over to Jamati work as well, where she has supported i-Mentors in the development of marketing materials. Most notably, she has played a leading role in designing the Ismaili App, which was launched prior to the Diamond Jubilee Opening Ceremonies in 2017. With an extended interest in Islamic art and architecture, she was immediately inspired by Sarah’s vision of a story book for toddlers that would teach them about the history of our faith. The Night of Power is an exciting new way for Aqeela to express her passion and contribute to the spiritual development of the youngest members of the global Jamat.

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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