Safiya Wazir: Afghanistan born Ismaili Muslim wins New Hampshire (USA) election



Safiya Wazir, born in Afghanistan won New Hampshire’s House of Representatives seat in recently held elections in USA. A Democrat, Safiya Wazir, 27, a mother of two who escaped Afghanistan as a child, defeated Republican Dennis Soucy for the seat.

Wazir was 6 when her family fled the Taliban in 1997, and she spent 10 years in Uzbekistan before moving to Concord. She started high school at age 16, studying the dictionary at night and working jobs at Walmart and Goodwill.

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Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

17 thoughts

  1. Safiya
    Congratulations to you for your Win. You have made a History!!
    We Ismaili Muslims – Citizens Of USA are very proud of you. You made the Ismail Muslim Community very Proud.
    Wish you Best for the House Seat!!
    With Regards
    taj Kothar

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  2. Safia, we are very proud off you and amazed at your resilience in view of all the hardships that you have had to face. You are truly an inspiration and a role model for all our young people in the community.

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  3. Safiya, you make all the muslims of all sects proud of your success. I am sure muslims from around the world wish you the very best in your additional and new role in US politics.

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  4. Safia BRAVO👏🙏. Very proud of you indeed. Praying for your success in today’s U.S politics and wishing you further success as you go up the ladder. Shukhar. Well done!

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  5. Congratulations – we say millions of sukaranas to our beloved Hazar Imam Karim Agakhan for his constant encouragement to educate ourselves and our children – we salute you to have done so well. We congratulate your family and wish you lots of success inshahallah to eventually get into the Senate!!!

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  6. This proves the real contribution of Ismailis in the universe where ever they are may be residing and win the respect and admiration of the community whilst contributing to the betterment of all. We received and now we are the givers. Congratulations. Keep it up and help others join you!

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  7. Safiya Yaa Ali Madad,

    I don’t have words to say, but truly thankful for MHI Blessings that you got such an honourable platform to make a difference in peoples lives. God bless you

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