Can Data Help END Hunger and Poverty? Dreamforce 2018

Three nonprofits on how data is helping them reach sustainable development goals.

The BOMA Project, the Aga Khan Foundation and the Demand Institute are among the nonprofits working to reach those goals—with the help of data visualization technology. They shared their progress at Dreamforce 2018.

The Aga Khan Foundation is using technology to connect and monitor its vast network of programs.

The Aga Khan Foundation funds and supports projects in marginalized communities around the world, with a focus on agriculture and food security, economic inclusion, education, early childhood development, health and nutrition and civil society.

Recently, Aga Khan Foundation in collaboration with Vera Solutions began using Salesforce Solution software to better monitor its reach across 17 countries and more than 400 programs. Tapping into its data, the nonprofit can now sort, map and better see the impact it is making. For instance, among the more than 7.6 million people it reached in 2016, the Aga Khan Foundation can parse out how many were women, where they were and what kinds of programs they were part of, such as education or health interventions. Spread out across continents and multiple sectors, its staff is also better connected and were able to share knowledge through the new system.


Click link to watch detailed video presentation by Andrew Cunningham (Education Officer, AKF), Zak Kaufman (Co- Founder, CEO Vera Solutions), and Owen Davies (Director , Technology Vera Solutions) on this topic.

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