Article: Sultan Jessa: Eastern Ontario Emergency doctor talks about her latest medical mystery!

Eastern Ontario Emergency doctor talks about her latest medical mystery!

“I love writing,” says Dr. Melissa Yuan-Innes


Article: Sultan Jessa: Eastern Ontario Emergency doctor talks about her latest medical mystery!OTTAWA – Ontario: Dr. Melissa Yuan-Innes is an extremely busy emergency doctor and a mother of two.

But, she is also a prolific writer of novels and thrillers.

How and when does a busy working woman get time to write books?

“I love writing,” said Yuan-Innes.” I make time for it, sometimes at the expense of other things like sleep or exercise.”

This Glengarry resident, who works as an emergency doctor in Cornwall, Alexandria and also at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) in Ottawa adds:

“If I am working, I write 500 words a day. But, if I am not working, my goal is 1000 words a day. Then I can relax and concentrate on my patients and family.”

Death Flight is her sixth and latest novel.

However, there are many more to come.

The North Lancaster resident has written books on science, fantasy, romance, non-fiction and for children.

She attended medical school at the Western University in London, Ontario, and did her residence work at the McGill University in Ottawa, her home town.

Some years back, Yuan-Innes, with the help of her good friend Becky MacKay, held two fundraisers to save rhinos.

“I always have my antenna up looking for stories. Everything inspires me.”

Which is her favorite book?

“Choosing my favorite books is like choosing my favorite child. So I resist myself. However, my writing skills improve with my every book.”

Yuan-Innes said her latest book was fun to write.

A local surgeon had suggested all sorts of potential weapons and surgical maneuvers on the plane.

The novelist writes under several pseudonyms over the years.

She readily admits she is not a good sleeper because of shift work.

“I am either up early or up late.”

She said plenty of research goes on when she is writing.

Yuan-Innes has been writing for nearly a decade.

She has written dozens of e-books and novels.

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