Peacemakers of All Faiths Gather at Ismaili Jamatkhana Plano for Restoring Community Day

by Akbar Kabani

In the time of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), a dispute arose when four tribes each wanted the honor of placing the Black Stone inside the Holy Ka’ba. So the Prophet found a resolution: He asked each tribe to choose a leader, placed the stone on a sheet, and had each leader carry one corner of the sheet and raise the stone together.

Peacefully resolving disputes through consultation has been a central part of Islam since its beginning. Today, in the Ismaili Muslim community, that ethos of consultation and collaboration informs the work of the Aga Khan Conciliation and Arbitration Board for the United States of America (CAB USA).

Founded by His Highness the Aga Khan in 1986, CAB USA mediates disputes involving at least one Ismaili. The disputes range from marital and family issues to conflicts between multinational commercial and business ventures. By finding their own resolutions using CAB USA’s mediation process, parties to a dispute often arrive at resolutions that cost less, do less damage, and are more sustainable than going to court.

CAB USA’s efforts mirror the work done daily by mediators in both government and civil society, efforts that are facilitated by the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR) and the National Association for Community Mediation.

During ACR’s 2017 conference in Dallas, CAB USA hosted the ACR Community Mediation and Restorative Practices Section’s full-day meeting at the Ismaili Muslim Jamatkhana in Plano, Texas.

Eighty-five participants from many faiths and backgrounds gathered at the Jamatkhana for an event called “Restoring Community Day.” They included Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins, who is the chief administrative official of the ninth-most populous county in the United States.

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