Pakistan’s Sound Diaries: Chapter One

First Chapter: Reverberations of Thar:

The first chapter of Sound Diaries was based on capturing the natural reverberations and it was concluded at TharParkar (Sindh). The experiment was conducted at three different locations and times of a day showing the beauty of Thar through it sounds while recording a song with an indigenous talent (Abbas Faqeer) under the natural acoustics and ambiance of those locations, combining together as one act of performance. As a result, we manage to capture not only the blend of the reverbs of those locations changes throughout as per the visuals bringing the beauty to ears but also the response of the nature as birds were chirping on the beat of the song. The impulses of those reverbs have been archived and can be used with any audio to recreate the psychoacoustics of those places. Sound Diaries is also making a sound library of Pakistan.

Here are the video links from the first chapter of Sound Diaries:

Karim Barolia recorded his own heartbeat while documenting the episode and placed it under the ambiances of the TharParkar creating an impact that everything is in time and rhythm of a human’s heartbeat.

Capturing the voice of an indigenous singer Abbas faqeer from Mithi (TharParkar) while testing the acoustics of Naukot Fort.

Showing how sound is perceived from a different angle where sound is travelling magically from main hall of the fort all the way to the alley where the acoustics of the fort are creating the most phenomenal sounding reverbs.

The Song: Tarrin Paunda (cover) was also a tribute to Shaikh Ayaz and Allan Faqir by Sound Diaries.

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