Pakistan’s Sound Diaries: Brainchild of Karim Barolia & Aamish Hussain

Pakistan's Sound Diaries: Brainchild of Karim Barolia & Aamish HussainPakistan is blessed with rich culture and beautiful landscapes which needs to be portrayed positively to the world. The idea of Sound Diaries is to show the positive image of Pakistan through its authentic Sounds by travelling and identifying hidden talent, culture and nature; and presenting it in its purest form. Sound Diaries is about story-telling through sounds. The musical documentary consists of different chapters where each chapter has a practical approach of sound theory and application, presenting unheard, talented voices blending with the nature and culture.

Brainchild behind Sound Diaries:

Karim Barolia is an environmental musician who is the main mastermind of Sound Diaries. Karim comes from the background of sound and music and has been associated with this field for several years. After graduating in audio and sound production studies, he produced content in the Middle East and returned to Pakistan in the mid 2016. Since then he has produced and worked with famous Pakistani artists like Ali Zafar, Zoe Viccaji, Sounds of Kolachi, Nighat Chaodhry and many others. He believes that sense of hearing in human being is above the sense of vision, as hearing gives you an image of 360° where as vision is restricted to 180°.

Aamish Hussain is the second brainchild behind Sound Diaries, who is an accountant by profession and an avid traveler. His passion is to create difference in society by contributing towards building positive image of Pakistan. He has traveled from the coastal region of Baluchistan to the mesmerizing mountains of Northern areas and beyond borders. He has archived his travels in the form of photographs and videos. Amish’s vision is to showcase Pakistan’s truely diverse culture globally through arts and ethnic music. He is working on a travel guidebook of Pakistan.

The duo of sound and travel collaborated and has been working together since November 2017.

Author: ismailimail

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