Poem Jibran Sharif: To The People Of Earth

To The People Of Earth

O people of the earth why don’t you see
The world around you, the mountain, the sea
The hills stand still, the trees that grows
The land that moves, river that flows
A systematic order, a universe with balance
It’s the power of the Lord of Earth and Heavens

Can’t you remember the promise you made
It’s a world of illusion, one day it’ll fade
No material is of use, everything’s fake
The useful will be only the good deeds you make
You will then return to your Lord, your Creator
From Whom no one’s match, and no one’s greater

Wake up early, before the sun, and pray
Emit positive energy, every night, every day
When the dead are asleep, pray, in the night
With satan and your will, fight, fight and fight
With them you will only get astray
See His Signs, listen to Him, then you’ll find a way

How can you be lost in the world of illusion
How can you follow the people of intrusion
The pleasure, the wealth, everything’s fake here
Imitate these infidels, you won’t find way back there
Even if for one second, you realize you’re lost
Come back, He’ll accept you, He is very just

I was a wrongdoer, lost, just like you
He accepted me still, you come back too
You will feel nothing but joy and peace
What you’ve been missing, you’ll gain, at ease
You’ve been reminded by a person named Jabir
Don’t be like one which “The Book” refers “Kafir”

Jibran Sharif is from Lone Chitral, Pakistan. He writes with his pen name “Jabir”. He is a writer and poet studying sociology at the University of Peshawar. In this poem, Jibran has written a poetry on the signs of God and The truth. His poetry is based on the knowledge of Quran. Each one of his words represent meaning and philosophy of the Quranic knowledge.

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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