Jagdish Mittal: Custodian of Culture – An anecdote of Islamic scholar Anna Marie Schimmel

A ceremonial copper plate from the Quli Qutub Shah period (1600). The beasts on it are inspired by different schools of art, and the Chinese dragon influenced by the Chinese art of that time. The Asian Age/Jagdish Mittal

Jagdish Mittal’s life has been a smorgasbord of rich experiences, making him almost a sage in his field today, one of the last few remaining men of his cabal. Reminiscing about the past he recounts how one of his most memorable experiences was meeting the Islamic scholar Anna Marie Schimmel, “I was a great admirer of her books on Islamic calligraphy and literature. Meeting her was an experience I remember till this day. She visited my collection and later we attended a wonderful Sufi night at the Qutub Shahi Tombs. She could recite the Quran by heart, and her gift for Islamic literature one day saved her from being attacked by a mob in Turkey who were on a rampage. She simply began reciting holy verses and had the crowds bow down before her, calling her a farishta.”

Source: Custodian of Culture – http://www.asianage.com – Vishaveer Singh – Aug 19, 2018


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