Rahim Sajan receives Arch Award 2018 | University of Calgary Alumni Association

Rahim Sajan receives Arch Award 2018 by University of Calgary Alumni AssociationThe 2018 Arch Awards will recognize five remarkable alumni who’ve sparked real change in their professions and communities.

Rahim Sajan, BSc’01, BEd’03

2018 Alumni Service recipient

Rahim Sajan continues to draw inspiration from something a UCalgary professor once said: If you have something worth saying, they’ll listen to you.

“That one comment sparked questions around what is worth saying,” Rahim says. “What is worth teaching? What is worth investigating? What is worth sharing with others?”

He keeps these questions in mind every time he brings a community together around ideas, be it through his work as an educator with the Calgary Board of Education or through his many volunteer roles with UCalgary and across the city.

No matter the stage — TEDxCalgary, the Cumming School of Medicine Dean’s Talks, the classroom or the UCalgary Senate — Rahim is always searching for ideas that will not only spark interest and generate big conversations, but, most importantly, lead to action and meaningful change.

“Conversations that have the power to move people — to help feed their imagination so they make wise decisions — these are very much the ideas that tend to intrigue me,” he says.

The Alumni Service Award recognizes a graduate whose philanthropy and/or volunteer commitment has advanced the University of Calgary and its alumni. Congratulations, Rahim Sajan!

Source: Arch Awards 2018 at Alumni Weekend

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