When Aga Khan brought the dream to the old Curraleira neighborhood of Lisbon

When Aga Khan brought the dream to the old Curraleira town of Lisbon(translated) Those who pass through the old neighborhood of Curraleira (District of Quinta do Lavrado) these days realize that far away in the past, there was a time when, due to its geographical location, it was said that Lisbon lived with its back to the place.

And that place is described as having been forgotten even by “God” and the community itself, given the historically unfavorable times.

[…] The aid arrived, at an early stage, through the Holy House of Mercy, but everything would change for the better with the arrival of the Aga Khan Foundation. Present for eight years among the community, this organization has assisted and fostered a sustained growth of the neighborhood community and, “slowly goes far,” as Teresa Martins, a community development technician, tells us.

With the creation of a football field, a social grocery store and a space for events, there is also a festival called “the back of the city”, an initiative organized by the Urban Forum and Transform Talents together with the the city council of Lisbon and the Aga Khan Foundation itself, which intends to take the people of Lisbon to the Quinta do Past and turn the city 180 degrees.

Source: https://www.tsf.pt/sociedade/interior/as-costas-da-cidade-que-querem-ser-olhadas-de-frente–9562474.html / JULY 7, 2018

Also: Curraleira: What is the memory of a place that no longer exists?

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