From Toronto to Kyrgyzstan: How University of Toronto computer science is going international

“It’s an honour to be part of the Aga Khan’s mission to create centres of education in developing countries.”

From left to right, Associate Professors, Teaching Stream, Michelle Craig and Paul Gries; Assistant Professor Alec Jacobson; Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, David Liu; and Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, François Pitt; by the Naryn River and Tien Shan mountains in Kyrgyzstan (photo by Kyros Kutulakos)

Along Kyrgyzstan’s ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean, known as the Silk Road, is the small town of Naryn. It’s a place where cars stop for the rush-hour herds of sheep, horses and yaks, which continue to fuel the area’s economy. Away from the town’s centre, unexpectedly rising next to the Tien Shan Mountains, are yellow, red and pink buildings, forming a most Instagram-worthy setting for learning.

It’s here – where old world meets new – that the University of Central Asia will establish its first computer science curriculum with the support of the University of Toronto’s department of computer science.

“We’ll be part of a huge mission that will have long-term effects on Central Asia, from helping improve the quality of education to invigorating the rural economy,” said Paul Gries, an associate professor, teaching stream, who was part of a U of T computer science visit to the region.

More at the source: From Toronto to Kyrgyzstan: How U of T computer science is going international

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