Naseem Hosain Ali: Jubilee Arts Festival, Pakistan

Naseem Hosain Ali: Jubilee Arts Festival, PakistanMeet Naseem Hosain Ali. Born in Karachi, Pakistan, Naseem is a textile designer by profession, and a photographer by passion. Drawing and coloring have been her favorite activities since childhood, and she believes that art runs in her genes. Naseem is currently designing ladies contemporary purses under her co-owned label ZENERA (, and she also works as a freelance photographer. While being blessed with skills from many different artistic fields, her work creates a unique challenge at times; sometimes, one has to forgo one passion for another when it comes to making a living. She feels most content while doing textile painting, and her use of vibrant colors are clear in the nature of her work. Recently, Naseem received the chance to showcase her skills at the National Jubilee Art Festival in Islamabad, Pakistan, at the national level. Her submission, Table Lamp, was made using Shesham wood. It was very well received by the audience and judges.

About her submissions:


Naseem Hosain Ali: Jubilee Arts Festival, PakistanLamp Stand: The stand of the lamp represents our entire existence, or our soul, which is the most important part of a tree.

Branches: The branches represent our worldly aims, responsibilities, and desires.

The Lamp Light: It represents the spiritual light, or Mehraj, that we need to strive for and attain. It is the light that gives a purpose and meaning to the entire structure.


The lamp design represents the concept of balancing deen and dunya. Our soul (the trunk) grows from the roots and strives to attain the spiritual light, which is the ultimate objective of our existence. Only when the soul is stronger will it be able to attain the highest point, and support the worldly (dunyavi) life. Once attained, our lives become a paradise where all is all green and serene.

The branches provide structural support to the trunk, as is with our worldly life. The different worldly aspects, such as becoming educated, earning money, maintaining good health, and sustaining strong social bonds with our families and friends, gives a nice balance to our lives and helps us achieve the ultimate objective, the spiritual elevation of the soul.

It is apparent from the design that the branches are quite small in comparison to the trunk. This is representative of how we can attain a proper balance. If the branches grow as large as the trunk, the structural stability will be lost and the tree will eventually fall. This means that our worldly lives should never dominate our spiritual lives, or we will lose the harmony and stability in our lives.

Therefore, the design explains that all worldly aspects of our lives are important, and run parallel to the practice of the faith. However, they should never be treated as the central part of our lives.


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