World of Islam – The Fatimids: The Rise of a Muslim Empire

World of Islam - The Fatimids: The Rise of a Muslim Empire
Rock crystal was one of the most treasured materials at the Fatimid court. MET

To date, the publications of the Institute of Ismaili Studies (IIS) have been mainly academic books for a scholarly readership – the IIS has been instrumental in securing the field of Ismaili studies, as well as contributing significantly to Shi‘i and Islamic studies more widely. It was felt that the time is ripe to bring the robust scholarship for which the IIS is known to a broader audience, who could benefit from reliable and interesting introductions to relevant Islamic topics.


It is fitting that the first World of Islam book is a lively account of the initial Fatimid Imam-caliphs, and the founding of their Shi‘i empire (909–1171). Dr Shainool Jiwa, an Islamic historian specialising in the Fatimids, on whom she has published and lectured extensively, presents a concise overview that conveys heartfelt enthusiasm for her subject.

Source: IIS launches the World of Islam series with The Fatimids: The Rise of a Muslim Empire | The Institute of Ismaili Studies

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