Yasmin Rathschlag-Islamshah: Helping people with their difficulties

Helping people with their difficulties (In German: Den Menschen bei ihren Schwierigkeiten helfen). Introduction by Sadrudin Jamal

Yasmin Rathschlag-Islamshah (center) with members of the association "Women for Women in Stolberg". Photo: M.-L. Otten
Yasmin Rathschlag-Islamshah (center) with members of the association “Women for Women in Stolberg”. Photo: M.-L. Otten

An interview of Yasmin Rathschlag-Islamshah led by Marie-Luise Otten for Aachener Zeitung. This article was printed in the local newspaper and begins by highlighting Yasmin’s work as vice-chairperson of the group “Women Helping Women” in Stolberg, Germany, who has found many new friends.

Yasmin Rathschlag spent her early years in Kenya. For the last 44 years she has been living in Stolberg. She is involved in matters of integration and interfaith dialogue. Currently she is helping refugees in her town. She is also a member of town’s integration council. Last February Yasmin and 30 other women made a trip to Düsseldorf to visit the parliament in North Rhine-Westphalia. Interviewer Marie-Luise asked her questions such as the reason for settling in Stolberg, where she met her German husband and how she found her new life in Germany. Yasmin met her husband in a hospital in London where she was a nurse. As the city of Aachen was looking for a nurse at that time, her husband suggested that she apply for the post in Germany. Later he established his own practice in Germany. Yasmin’s husband is a doctor by profession.

In the interview, Yasmin reminiscences how graciously German society accepted her. Now with grownup children, Yasmin can communicate in German and in English and that back home she also spoke Gujarati, Swahili and Urdu. She enjoys helping people in different ways. Read the full interview in German here.



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