Electric Entrepreneur: Shan Roy – College freshman creates motorcycles from scratch

Electric Entrepreneur: Shan Roy - College freshman creates motorcycles from scratchA former Mooresville high school student is kick-starting his way into a future career by creating and building electric motorcycles.

Shan Roy, 18, said he’s always been interested in innovation, and before he created his first electric motorcycle, he crafted a small motor and carousel for his phone that moved the device around to create smooth time-lapse photos.

His first electric motorcycle design came in tenth grade, when his parents, Laila and Farid, said “no” to the dirt bike that he was dreaming of, saying it was “too dangerous.”

“It took around a year to learn how to build a bike; it was quite a process,” Roy said. “There are angles and features that riders are accustomed to on a bike, and I wanted to hit them spot on.”

Roy said he’s 100 percent self-taught, creating his bike renderings on CAD, or computer aided drafting software. He then taught himself how to bend the metal tubes, weld, and install the parts, motor, and battery to complete the motorcycle, mostly from YouTube videos.

“My dad’s in the fashion industry, and my mom is a nurse, so even though they’ve been very supportive, they couldn’t really help me learn how to do this,” he said.

More at the source: Megan Sprague / Dec 28, 2017 / mooresvilletribune.com

Author: ismailimail

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  1. Congratulations Shan. You have created something very special and wish you the best in building more things from scratch. Discarded electronic things and much more can be used again to rebuild something else instead of going in the garbage. Best of luch with prayers and good wishes.


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