Interview with Salim Bhatia – Aga Khan Development Network’s Director of Academies

Aga Khan Academy opening in Dhaka

…the award-winning Aga Khan Academy Dhaka represents a significant investment in education by AKDN for the benefit of Bangladesh and it will become a new national asset for the whole country and for its broad educational community.

Interview with Salim Bhatia - Aga Khan Development Network's Director of AcademiesDhaka, Jan 24 (UNB) – Amid the changing nature of knowledge and information, students must prepare themselves to keep on learning and become “effective and ethical” leaders to overcome challenges ahead, says an expert.

“If you have the capacity to keep on learning, you will be in a very good position both from economic point of view and also as a human being,” Aga Khan Development Network Director of Academies Salim Bhatia told UNB.

Bhatia who is responsible for leading the establishment of the Aga Khan Academies across Africa, Middle East, Central and South Asia, said the Aga Khan Academy Dhaka, is being established here to provide international standard education for students and prepare them for leadership roles in Bangladesh and across the world.

He said Bangladeshi young talented students, regardless of their socio-economic background, gender, race or religion, can access a world-class education.

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