3,500 AKU alumni from 49 countries share how their AKU education has helped them make a difference

“I feel that being an AKU graduate is the most valuable thing that I have done (twice).”


– 2010 Nursing Graduate



“AKU equipped me with excellent knowledge, confidence and patience that enabled me to see that I can work anywhere, from rural, urban and international institutions.”


– 2014 MS Graduate,

Institute of Educational Development program


Wide-ranging survey highlights alumni impact

Aug 9, 2017

Aga Khan University (AKU) alumni have had their say: over 3,500 spanning all the University’s academic programmes and campuses responded to a survey sent out by the Alumni Affairs​ Office.

It represents the most comprehensive effort to date to understand our alumni’s experience at AKU, their  continued involvement with the university as well as their achievements.

Key findings:

  • 86% rated their programme as being very good or excellent.
  • 85% said that their degrees were relevant to their career goals.
  • 50% of all alumni asserted that they honed their leadership and communication skills during their studies.
  • 48% reported holding leadership positions such as CEO, chief of nursing, head teacher or executive director.
  • 33% received awards for their contribution in their respective fields.


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Research, Insight & Perspective by A. Maherali


During the Aga Khan University genesis, its academic programs have benefited from collaborations with distinguished universities including Harvard in USA, McGill, McMaster and Toronto in Canada, as well as Oxford in the UK.

AKU’s Global Partnerships


Partner​ Areas of Collaboration​
Monash University​​​ – ​Tourism and Leisure
​University of New Castle​ – ​Examination Board
– ​Faculty of Health Sciences
​​University of New South Wales ​​​- Extractive Industries​​
University of Sydney​ ​- Health Sciences
– ​Extractive Industries


​Partner ​Areas of Collaboration
British Columbia Institute of Technology – Allied Health
– Nursing
​Justice Institute of British Columbia ​- Disaster Management and Preparedness
– ​Trauma and Risk​​
​​McMaster University ​- Nursing​​
​Quest University ​- Faculty of Arts and Science​s​​
​Simon Fraser University ​- Muslim Cultures Summer Programme​
​University of Alberta ​- Math and Science Literacy and Teacher Training
– Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences
– Regenerative Stem Cell Research
​​University of British Columbia – Cardiac Sciences
– Nursing
– ​Faculty of​ Arts and Sciences
​University of Calgary – ​Family Medicine
– Education​
​University of Toronto​ ​- Human Development (Maternal and Child Health and ECD)
​​University of Ottawa ​​- Ophthalmology​
​University of Victoria​ ​​- Math Literacy​
– ​Dental Hygiene and Dentistry​
​University of Waterloo – ​Co-operative Programme​
​​Western University​ (University of Western Ontario) ​- Teaching and Learning Case Management
– Comparative Religions


​Partner ​Areas of Collaboration
​Catholic University of Portugal – World of the Indian Ocean – Archives
– Nursing
– Early Childhood Development


​Partner ​Areas of Collaboration
Nanyang Technological​ University – ​Teacher Training​
– Faculty of Health Sciences
– Research​​​


​Partner ​Areas of Collaboration
​​Karolinska Institute – ​Capacity Development
– Faculty of Health Sciences
– Research​​​


​Partner ​Areas of Collaboration
University of Geneva​ – ​Governance
– ​Global Health​​​​


​Partner ​Areas of Collaboration
​​Cambridge University ​- Education​
​London School of Hygien​e and Tropical Medicine ​- ​Research in Health Sciences​
​Oxford University – ​Educational Research
– Teacher Training​


​Partner ​Areas of Collaboration
​Brown University – Faculty of Arts and Sciences​
​​Columbia University – ​Media Communications​​
​​​Cornell University – Faculty of Arts and Sciences​
​Johns Hopkins University – Hospitalist Services
– Transplantation Programme
– Research in Health​ Sciences​
​Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – ​Innovation in the Field​​
– Economics and Engineering, STEM
Northwestern University ​- Media and Communications​​
– ​​​Leisure and Tourism
​Stanford University – Faculty of Arts and Sciences​
​Texas A&M University – ​Muslim Histories and Cultures Programme​
University of California, San Francisco – Integrated Primary Health Care​
University of Texas, Austin – ​Muslim Histories and Culture​
Yale University ​​- Law
– Muslim Histories and Cultures

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