Nazrana (Offerings) In Ginans


Nazrana (Offerings) In Ismaili History Nazrana (Offerings) In Ismaili History - The legacy of the nazrana was prevalent in the Dawr-i Satr (concealment period) of the Ismaili history.


By Mumtaz Ali Tajddin S. Ali

Nazrana in Ginans

Nazrana (Offerings) In GinansPir Sadruddin exhorted that whatever is offered to the Imam, the giver (wahib) will get its rewards, which does not mean dasond, donation or charity, otherwise its reward would have been described in terms of sava lakh. Here reward is so’so var referring to the special gift or Nazrana. We present our Nazrana to the Imam, who channalizes it for the economical and social upliftments of the Third World countries, and that is why the Imam reckoned our nazrana also as a generosity.

The World Leaders Form has urged Mawlana Hazar Imam for the collection of the nazrana in the jamats during the Diamond Jubilee Year. The Imam has graciously accorded kind permission. Thus, on 21st March, 2017, the campaign of receriving nazrana has been launched in the world Ismaili jamat. Necessary announcment was made in all the global jamat by the National Councils.

It is enjoined upon us to participate in this noble cause as more as we can. Remember pointedly, it is a volunteerily oblation – a deal of heart, not cumpulsory. A penny or more than it must at least be our share in the nazrana during the Diamond Jubilee Year of our Beloved Hazar Imam.

According to the Koran, “You help God, so that he may help you.” (67:20). Helping God does not mean to fulfil His need! It refers to invest the money for noble cause and earn its rewards here and hereafter. Be minded, God is not greedy of our wealth, not at all!

Mat janno’re gur lobhi dhan, evi vastu ma darjo m’n (ginan)

“Dont consider the Lord greedy of wealth, and dont bring such thing in the mind.”

Jay mang’e te a’al sami’ne, pa’chhu ma ra’khish kai (ginan)

“Give the Lord whatever is asked, and do not retain anything behind.”

The sum total of the global jamat’s nazrana inclusive of our contributions will be invested in the mega projects for the upliftment of mankind. May Mawla bless us not to miss this glorious chance, amen.

Today in history: Imam Sultan Mahomed Shah's Platinum Jubilee Address in Cairo Nazrana (Offerings) during the Imamat of Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah - Vazir U Kan Gyi (1870-1960) of Burma had reverently offered Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah to let him bear his whole expenses as a nazrana during his visit to Burma between January 20, 1951 and January 26, 1951


Mumtaz Ali Tajddin S. Ali has authored several articles and books, including Encyclopedia of Ismailism, 101 Ismaili Heroes and Ismailis through History. For several decades, he has been involved with Ismaili Tarqiah and Religious Education Board (ITREB) in Pakistan as an Honorary Missionary and lecturer of religious education classes on history, ginans and other educational topics.

Karachi: April, 2017

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