Fruit Carver, Chef: Salim Somani

Fruit Carver, Chef: Salim SomaniSalim is from Montreal, Quebec where he has been living for the past 40 years or so with his wife Rashida and son Hussein and daughter Aliya.

Originally from Jinja, Uganda Salim went to England in the early seventies to pursue his studies in Hotel Management at the Huddersfield Institute of Technology and specialized in cuisine. After the crisis in Uganda in 1972, Salim moved to join his parents in Montreal where he has been practising his culinary skills, catering to all kinds of tastes and interests. Over the years he has worked at a number of prestigious places including the Bonaventure Hilton & the Montreal Casino having acquired experience in all kinds of cuisine, be it French, Greek, Italian, Indian etc. He is currently employed at La Maison Carrier-Besson, a catering company that meets the needs of corporations, conventions, wedding events etc. Salim is 68 years old.

For Salim Somani carving a Water Melon is a labor of love: it requires lots of patience, concentration and devotion of time. Salim tried his hand at carving Water Melons as an experiment drawing inspiration from the many photos and videos of carvings that he saw over the internet. With time he got better and better and developed his own unique style to create beautiful works of art so much so that now on days of Khushiali and other occasions, he has been asked to come up with a carving to embellish the fruit offerings, adding to the ambience and decor of the occasion. Paying attention to detail and meticulously carving with lot of precision, he is able to sculpt & copy any design and write any message that he wishes.

Photos of some of Salim’s Imamat Day & Diamond Jubilee carvings.

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