Obituary: Shahinoor Visram

Shahinoor Visram was the wife of Mahmud Amirali Visram (Sun N Sand Beach Hotel) and loving mother of Salina, Samara and Salmaan. Daughter of Zarin and late Fateh (Bamburi Beach Hotel) and Sister of Alshad Jamal.

The Visram and Jamal families would like to convey their sincere gratitude to all family members and friends for their care, support and prayers during this time.

The funeral took place on Tuesday, 27th June 2017 at Tudor Jamatkhana Social Hall and burial was held at the Aga Khan Shia lmami Cemetery in Mwembe Tayari, Mombasa.


Battling from the beach — an Ismaili couple is recognised for their efforts against human trafficking | The Ismaili

Shahinoor Visram speaks about her family’s efforts against human trafficking at Luxor International | On Faith


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3 thoughts

  1. May Allah bless her soul in eternal peace!
    Her acomleshments I life will be remembered forever! She touched so many children’s hearts!
    Gulshan pirani


  2. Seven years ago, I met a warm & compassionate heart at Sun n Sand Beach Resort where I was undergoing my Internship program for 2.5 months. That beautiful heart was Shahinoor Visram. She was the Managing Trustee at the Hotel. Whenever I interacted with her, she made me feel right at home. With a glow in her eyes, she always smiled, greeted and spoke to everyone with the same respect; whether it was a Security Guard or the MD of a Company, for her all were equal.

    She believed in “say less do more”. She was someone who cared deeply about people esp. the less fortunate and sustaining the environment, thus improving the lives of many. Her fight against human trafficking & the list of humanitarian work she did is long & varied. It has now become her legacy which continues on through her children.

    If she had more time, she would have continued to devote her life in helping the needy & the helpless. We find ourselves stuck in a routine or running endlessly to attain imperative goals while forgetting how precious & fleeting life is.

    Shahinoor was a caregiver & a relentless fighter. No amount of words can ever do justice to how we felt about her and the special place she held in each of our hearts. And to honour her memory, this ode is to everything: her courage, her spirit, her attitude and her life.


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