Fraser Health Authority VP Naseem Nuraney: Good communication is key to our success

Fraser Health Authority VP Naseem Nuraney: Good communication is key to our successExcerpt: Good communication is key to our success – in our relationships with each other, our patients and their families and community partners. We also need to be sure we have ways to celebrate when we are achieving on our goals – publicly and internally. When the public sees our successes, they learn that we are trustworthy and a go-to source for health care information and support. When we celebrate ourselves and one another, we build pride and resilience and we continue to strive for more.

As we support our efforts to move away from a focus on acute hospital care to a more integrated system of primary and community care, we need to help people understand how the system works, how to navigate through it and how to make the best choices possible. Respectful and proactive communications with patients, family, the public and each other often tops the list of ways we feel we can improve a person’s experience with us.

Naseem Nuraney is Vice President of Communications and Public Affairs, Fraser Health

More at the source: Fraser Health – VP Guest Blog – Naseem Nuraney, Communications and Public Affairs


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  1. Good work Naseem, what you are doing is so important in today’s ever growing too fast world and changes, which we all have to work towards for a better, brighter and hopeful future. Keep it up.


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