Dr. Kurban Madhani’s Presentation on Central Asian Jamat

Arif Ali, Chicago, December 26, 2016: Following is a presentation on the history and community of the Ismailis of Central Asia.

Few of the friends and family of Dr. Kurban Madhani got together to organize and listen to his popular presentation online. The recording was eventually produced, and is now being made available for the first time via Ismailimail.

The three-part presentation traces the history of the civilization, religions, and the people who preserved their faith and devotion for hundreds of years.

Watch in sequence, with full screen and HD.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3




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Author: Arif Ali

Arif lives miles away from the crowded city of Chicago. He has interest in technology, spirituality, religion, psychology and community. Find him somewhat engaged on Twitter.

One thought

  1. Thanks Dr Kurban for this beautiful presentation on Central Asia Jamat. Whoever visit Pamir, he/she cannot forget this place and the people-Khorog, the jewels of Pamir where I lived for two years while working with Aga Khan Health Service is a place of love and peace,


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