Jubilee Life Insurance wins Brands of Year Award 2015-2016


January 04, 2017: Jubilee Life Insurance, the leading private sector life insurance provider in Pakistan, has been awarded Brands of the Year Award for 2015-2016 in the life insurance industry.


“This is indeed a great moment of pride and a milestone for Jubilee Life to receive this astounding honour.”


– Faiz ul Hasan,

Head of Corporate Business Distribution,

Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited


Brand of the Year Award is recognition for brands recognised as champions in their industry for leading performance.

Jubilee Insurance is a global brand of the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) that offers diverse insurance solutions (life, health and general) in the Asian and East African markets. Jubilee Life in Pakistan offers a uniquely designed range of life and health insurance plans, catering to various customer segments and needs. These include retirement, child education, marriage, saving & protection, wealth accumulation, life insurance plans for women, rural insurance plans and life and health insurance solutions for the less privileged of our country.

Source: Business Recorder | Jubilee Life Ins wins Brands of Year Award 2015-2016



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