Proof of Prophecy – A Logical Argument for Muhammad’s Prophethood | Ismaili Gnosis

The Prophet himself never claimed any miracle of any sort. The only miracle which you have in Islam is the Qur’an.
Imam Shah Karim al-Husayni Aga Khan IV,
(CBC Interview, “Man Alive with Roy Bonisteel”, October 8, 1986)

The purpose of this article is to offer a philosophical argument for the prophethood of Prophet Muhammad: to demonstrate that Muhammad b. ‘Abdullah (570-632) was a divinely-inspired prophet and guide appointed by God to convey divine guidance to humankind and that Muhammad’s speech – which includes the Qur’an – is an expression of that divine guidance.

We begin by providing a historical summary of Prophet Muhammad’s life and prophetic career – and clarifying a number of misconceptions about Shariah, women’s rights, and warfare in the early history of Islam. Following this, we explain the esoteric meaning of the “Speech of God” and the “Book of God”, and use philosophical arguments to demonstrate the existence of Divine Guidance in the Cosmos at all times and the necessity of a human Possessor of Divine Guidance in every time period. Finally, we show that Prophet Muhammad was the Possessor of Divine Guidance in his time and the bearer of the Holy Spirit because the Qur’an that he spoke and uttered is miraculous, inimitable, and surpasses the limits of ordinary human speech and discourse – as testified by numerous experts in Arabic language and literature throughout pre-modern and modern history. The article concludes by noting that it is equally necessary that Prophet Muhammad is succeeded by another Possessor of Divine Guidance until the end of time.

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