Bamba Group secure $250,000 (K.Sh 25 million) on Kenya’s Lion’s Den



According to the guys at Disrupt Africa, Bamba Group, has just raised $250,000 (K.Sh 25 million) on Lion’s Den.



Bamba Group, founded 3 years ago by Al Ismaili, Faiz Hirani and Shehzad Tejani, developed a cloud-based data collection program. They already have a foothold in the Kenyan market, as their services are used by major companies like the Aga Khan Foundation, Nairobi Airport Services, and Diamond Trust Bank.



Bamba Group just pitched their way to $250,000 on Kenya’s Lion’s Den
By Loretta Adamu    Posted on November 24, 2016

Apparently, two of the founders, Shehzad Tejani and Harman Johar pitched to the Lions’ Den investors, and impressed Darshan Chandaria enough to win his investment.

Lion’s Den is the Kenyan version of Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank, that started earlier this year.



Earlier this year, Bamba group became the first East-African company to get into the TechStars accelerator programme.


Watch the US$250,000 pitch


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