Shereen Ladha: Professional Choreographer, Jubilee Games 2016

Shereen Ladha, a Toronto based professional choreographer, successfully choreographed for the Opening Ceremonies (Diversity Dance) & Closing Ceremonies (South Asian Performance), as well as for Salim Sulaiman’s Jubilee Games theme song. She choreographed a group of 40 dancers from the Jamat around the world, and was also responsible for all creative direction including costuming, tech, music, etc.

Shereen Ladha: Professional Choreographer, Jubilee Games 2016I’m back in Toronto after 2.5 weeks in Dubai, and had a long 14 hour flight to reflect on my experience with the 2016 Jubilee Games. I was blessed with the opportunity to serve as the creative director and choreographer for the Opening Ceremonies (Diversity Dance), Closing Ceremonies (South Asian Performance), and an epic Salim Sulaiman Flashmob! This was absolutely the most trying experience of my life, but also by far the most fulfilling thing I’ve been able to do with my dance experience thusfar.

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  1. Amazing! Your hard work and hours of practice and dedication shows in the performance. So proud! Sorry, you were there for 2.5 weeks and did not get a chance for sight seeing. DEDICATION!


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