New Aga Khan Medical Centre Helps Strengthen Pakistan’s Health System | Pamir Times

New Aga Khan Medical Centre Helps Strengthen Pakistan’s Health System | Pamir TimesGilgit, 24 May 2016 – In its push to provide health care in large underserved areas of Pakistan, and to complement the Government’s efforts to attain the Sustainable Development Goals in health, an Aga Khan Medical Centre was inaugurated today by Princess Zahra Aga Khan and Prince Rahim Aga Khan.

The 50-bed Centre anchors a “hub” that provides high quality diagnostics and secondary health care. “Spokes” that radiate out from the Centre will connect the Gilgit hub through a digital health network to clinics in Singal, Gupis, Aliabad, Soust, Booni and Garamchasma.

The Gilgit Centre is also connected to state-of-the-art medical resources in other parts of Pakistan and in other countries, including the Aga Khan University Hospital in Karachi. “E-Health” connections such as these have already had a major impact on health care in the region, improving diagnosis, treatment and overall care. Over 8,200 tele-consultations for a range of needs, from bone fractures to cardiovascular disease, have been made over the last two years, saving over 400 million Pakistani Rupees (US$ 4 million) in patient time and lost earnings due to travel for health concerns.

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