Zool Suleman: “without status” does not necessarily mean “illegal”

Immigration lawyer Zool Suleman to present at literacy festivalOver the past few weeks, there has been significant interest in Vancouver’s proposal to have an “Access Without Fear” policy for those who  live in Vancouver with “no status” or “uncertain status” in relation to immigration.

This has policy has now been passed by the City of Vancouver.

I commented on this issue for CBC Radio’s Early Edition show and as  part of my regular comments on Sense of Place with Minelle Mahtani on Vancouver’s Roundhouse Radio 98.3 FM. 

In both interviews and in various media stories in the Tyee  and in the Georgia Straight , and Vice Canada, I have emphasized that “without status” does not necessarily mean “illegal” and that we have to get away from a dialogue about “legality” and emphasize a discussion about being inclusive, respecting human rights and not criminalizing migrants.

I hope that the Vancouver Police Department, the RCMP and CBSA can make their policies public on this vital issue.

I also hope that the role of organizations like No One Is Illegal, Sanctuary Health,Migrante and others is recognized for the vital role they have played in having this policy created and approved.

Source: LinkedIn Pulse

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Zool K. B. Suleman is a Canadian Immigration lawyer, Policy Consultant and a Writer. Above article first appeared at LinkedIn Pulse on Apr 8, 2016. www.sulemanco.com

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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