Ismailis in Gwadar, Pakistan

The Agha Khanis of Gwadar have set excellent examples of entrepreneurship and are perhaps the first Gwadaris to initiate trade and business. Today three major fish factories in Gwadar for instance; Gaba, Karim Impex and Sea Food Corporation are owned by the same minority.

By Mariyam Mohammed Suleman – June 30, 2015: Near the south eastern part of the emerging port town of Gwadar lies an old neighborhood of Baloch fishermen. Near their little homes are some narrow streets with abandoned locked shops of a few Hindus who left long ago during 1940s-50s. Going along that line, a few other shops lead to 20 feet high boundary walls lined up from the four sides opening with an ornate wooden gate. Entering to that particular compound, one can find a community with a totally different culture, language and religion.

Jamatkhana near Shahi Bazar Gwadar
Jamatkhana near Shahi Bazar Gwadar

Gwadaris often experience some sort of astonishing expressions from the outsiders when talking about the diversity they have in the town. Gwadar and its nearby districts have a large number of Balochi speaking communities and it is very hard to find minorities living there however other than Baloch community Gwadar is home to more than 150 Agha Khanis or “Kojas” as locally known. It has been more than four centuries since they have been living here.

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